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April Dawn Shinske

Marketing, Communications, Storyteller, Educator

I empower passionate ambassadors of good. I will leverage my two decades of experience to tell your brand or personal stories in proven ways that inspire action. You will benefit from my communications expertise in the areas of integrated marketing, executive and internal (corporate) communications, donor/volunteer experience assets, digital, social media, and multimedia. Together, we can enhance projects in corporate training, distance learning, adult and adolescent learning. I am a writer, editor, equity champion, and a playful maker of excellence. I have been honored to tell the stories of top executives at a national healthcare non-profit, volunteers from Fortune 500 companies, and people working at the grassroots level to engage communities.


Partner with me to: 

  • Craft an overall brand strategy and implement measurable tactics across communications channels

  • Deepen non-profit volunteer and donor engagement with outstanding impact and gratitude materials 

  • Build content (i.e. executive speeches, personal narratives, event scripts)

  • Craft training curriculum and materials

  • Create a plan for reaching diverse audiences in ways that foster belonging​​

Deepening connections among people is why I work. Learn more about "the how" via my blog and check out my writing samples, below. Connect with me at

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The views expressed on this site and blog are the sole intellectual property and personal expression of April Dawn Shinske, and may not necessarily reflect the viewpoints or policies of any employer or other partner.

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