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Converting Analytics Into Action

Leveraging analytics to optimize storytelling impact across engagement streams.
Planning digital-marketing campaigns that leads to next best-actions and donor conversion across audiences. Leading editorial in partnership with fundraising executives, expert consultants and vendors. Personally creating content that inspires investment in mission.

Marfan Awareness Month 2024 Campaign

National Non-Profit Youth Events
Salesforce Email Marketing Journeys
Including Recruitment, Fundraising, Post-Event

  • Click-through rates 8x industry benchmark 

  • Open rates 13% above industry benchmark 

  • 69% increase open rate YOY 

  • 19% increase click-through rate YOY 

  • 22% decrease unsubscribe rate YOY 

  • Overall open rate across journeys 29%
    (doubled YOY)​​

  • Overall click-through rate across journeys 5.3% (2%+ greater YOY)

  • Reach: Approximately 212K emails per campaign FY

National Non-Profit Cycling Event Salesforce Email
Marketing Journeys
Including Recruitment, Onboarding, Fundraising, and Post-Event


  • 5x benchmark click-through rate

  • 2x benchmark open rate

  • 6% under benchmark unsubscribe rate

  • 28% increase click-through rate YOY

  • 19% decrease unsubscribe rate YOY

  • 10% increase open rate YOY

  • Reach: 36K people

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